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The Hoover Alabama Chamber of Commerce, its staff, members, officers and board members extend a warm welcome to you. We pride ourselves on being one of the South's fastest growing communities, offering new and progressive opportunities every day. Hoover spans almost 50 square miles of territory, involving much of Jefferson County and Shelby County. We promote a healthy business environment, and feature great restaurants, lodging facilities, sporting events, and vacation areas. Click here to read more.

The Business Side of Hoover

As the progress of cities goes, Hoover's has been fast and phenomenal. Incorporated only
40 years ago, Hoover has gone from being one man's suburban dream to becoming one of the most dynamic cities in the Southeast.

Hoover's story began in the 1950s when William H. Hoover, Sr., a Birmingham insurance executive, realized that the new four-lane Montgomery Highway meant future growth for areas south of town. So he started purchasing land in southern Jefferson County, the area that is now "old" Hoover, and moved his successful insurance company to what was then considered "the country."

Sure enough, the area began to grow and in 1967, Hoover officially became a city. Since then, residential and commercial development has steadily increased, and the city has spread southward and eastward into Shelby County. Hoover is now a significant part of the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Jefferson, Shelby, Blount, St. Clair, Bibb, Walker and Chilton Counties.

Founded by a businessman convinced of the area's potential, Hoover continues to live up to its business legacy. Owners seeking to open or relocate a business will likely find all the elements in Hoover they need for success.

Consider the following:

  • Hoover is at the crossroads of two major thoroughfares, Interstate 65 and Interstate 459. This provides ease of travel to and from the downtown Birmingham financial district and the Birmingham International Airport.
  • Hoover is fertile ground for real estate developers and a highly desirable address for residential homebuyers. Its growing population and prestige make Hoover a prime target for retailers, and an attraction for shoppers from all over the state.
  • Businesses in Hoover range from light industry to service and provide thousands of jobs for people inside and outside the city. Hoover has no city occupational tax and other taxes remain among the lowest in the metropolitan area.
  • One of Hoover's finest attributes is its Alabama locale where the cost of living is low compared to other states. According to a 2006 Tax Foundation study, the state's tax system ranks 14th in the "business friendly" category - well above the national average.
  • Alabama's mountains to the north of Hoover and beaches to the south make the area a magnet for tourism and an array of offshoot businesses. The host of attractions and cultural opportunities in and around Hoover play a significant role in the city's economy as well as its overall quality of life.
  • World-class medical systems such as the University of Alabama at Birmingham, St. Vincent's Hospital, Baptist Health System, Brookwood Medical Center and Trinity Medical Center (formerly Baptist-Montclair) and Children's Health System are convenient to Hoover. Located within Hoover is St. Vincent's outstanding One Nineteen Health and Wellness Center a unique facility that promotes health and wellness in an upscale environment. Also within Hoover is Greenvale Pediatrics, a division of Children's Health System.
  •  Hoover has one of the highest-ranked public school systems in Alabama, and students enjoy some of the best facilities and technology in the state. Only minutes from Hoover are some of the finest higher-education facilities in the country, including junior colleges, colleges and universities.

Hoover Business License FAQs

Who is required to purchase a business license?
All persons, firms, corporations or businesses located inside the City of Hoover, or outside the city but conducting a trade, business, commerce, occupation, profession, exhibition, vocation, or performing services in the city.
When should I purchase a business license?
Prior to beginning operations.
To whom does the business license requirement apply?
To all businesses, where profit or non-profit, or home-based.
Who issues business licenses?
The Revenue Department of the City of Hoover.
What is the city's license year?
January 1 through December 3 1. All business licenses expire on December 31 each year, regardless of the date issued.
What if I have more than one business?
You are required to file separate applications and obtain separate business licenses for each line of business, vocation, occupation or profession in which you are engaged.
How can I get a business license?
Contact the Revenue Department to obtain an application. Upon receipt of the completed application, the Revenue Department will determine the proper classification for your business and the taxes your business will be required to remit to the City of Hoover. The Department will then issue you an assessment letter listing the license fees due and payable to the City of Hoover. An account will then be established to record your future license fees and tax payments.

For more information, contact:
City of Hoover Revenue Department
2020 Valleydale Road, Suite 102
Hoover, AL 35244
Telephone: (205) 444-7516
Fax: (205) 739-7151
E-mail: revenue@ci.hoover.al.us

Building Permits and Inspections

The Inspection Services Department of the City of Hoover oversees all residential and commercial construction, tenant improvements, and remodeling projects within the City of Hoover to ensure that such work meets the building, mechanical, plumbing, gas, and electrical codes adopted by the city. By assuring the safety and aesthetic standards of structures and utilities, Inspection Services helps to maintain the quality of the residential and business communities in Hoover.

The Inspection Services Department can provide assistance with the following:

  • Obtaining permits for residential or commercial construction; conducting land-disturbing activity; plumbing; gas or mechanical work; electrical work
  • Building codes adopted by the City of Hoover
  • Permit fees information
  • Information about sign restrictions
  • Ordinances regulating weeds, debris, and/or inoperable vehicles
  • Information about requirements for subdivision and erosion bonds
  • Obtaining credits on sewer bills under certain circumstances (Riverchase, Inverness and Southlake sewer customers only)
  • Land Use and Zoning Classifications
  • Parcels of land -Flood Zone information
  • Address information

For more information, contact:
City of Hoover
Inspection Services Department
2020 Valleydale Road, Suite 103
Hoover, AL 35244
Telephone: (205) 444-7522
Fax: (205) 444-7650
E-mail: inspectionservices@ci.hoover.al.us

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