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Hoover Schools

State of Alabama
Department of Education
Joseph B. Morton
State Superintendent of Education

Educationally speaking... Hoover Schools Rank With Best in State

Learning for Life. Those three simple words form a strong statement about Hoover City Schools. The system's overall goals for its students and teachers are high, and those standards are paying dividends in the number of students earning scholarships and going on to college. Teachers are also challenged to be the best they can be with incentives offered to those who become certified.
One of the largest school systems in Alabama, Hoover has over 11,000 students and over 800 teachers. With support from top educators, government leaders, civic organizations, businesses, parents and other involved citizens, Hoover's 17 schools consistently rank among the best in the state. High standards in technology, curriculum and teacher training keep them there.
Hoover's schools, teachers and students are regularly recognized for achievements in academics, athletics, character and community service. The growth and development opportunities offered to students and teachers alike are virtually limitless. And although each school has its own unique qualities, the collective goal of Hoover schools is to provide learning experiences that last a lifetime.
The beginning of the 2005 school year saw the opening of the new Berry Middle School near Spain Park High School for sixth graders only. By 2006, additional classroom space had been added for the seventh and eighth grades, and Hoover City Schools bid a fond farewell to the old Berry Middle School on Columbiana Road. Formerly known as Berry High School, the facility was Hoover's first high school, serving students for more than 40 years.


Montgomery, Ala. – Cameron McKinley, an elementary school Integrated Technology teacher at Riverchase Elementary School in the Hoover City school system, has been named the 2006-2007 Alabama Teacher of the Year. The announcement was made by State Superintendent of Education Joseph B. Morton during a reception at the RSA Plaza Terrace in Montgomery honoring the 16 district finalists for Teacher of the Year. Morton commended McKinley for her work and praised all of the teachers for their dedication to education in Alabama.

“Mrs. McKinley’s commitment to education, zest for technology and infectiously cheerful spirit make her an absolute asset to the teaching profession. Teachers, like Mrs. McKinley, with the ability to reach children, introduce new and exciting learning methods and motivate peers make a huge contribution to the lives of children as well as the field of education in general,” Morton said.

McKinley, a National Board Certified teacher, graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance/Investment Management and Marketing with Magna Cum Laude honors. She has been teaching computer education, instructional technology classes and summer technology camps for more than 10 years.

Stoney Beavers, a high school English and Spanish teacher at Cleveland High School in the Blount County school system, was named Secondary Teacher of the Year and Alternate State Teacher of the Year. Beavers, a National Board Certified teacher who has been teaching for 12 years, has a Bachelor’s in English and Spanish and a Master’s in Secondary Education from the University of Montevallo. He received his Ed.S. in Secondary Curriculum and Instruction and is scheduled to receive his Ph.D. in Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Teaching and Learning from the University of Alabama this year. Beavers is also the recipient of a 2005 Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award. Dr. Morton said both McKinley and Beavers represent excellence in education.

“Mrs. McKinley, Stoney Beavers, the alternate Teacher of the Year, along with countless other educators across our state, embody the values, professionalism, and determination that create the teaching profession. Each of them brings into their classrooms remarkable subject-matter knowledge, talent, and a passion for education that is felt by students and directly impacts the course of their lives. I’m sure I speak for all educators when I say congratulations for this tremendous achievement,” Morton said.

The selection process for Alabama’s Teacher of the Year begins at the school system level, and each school system can nominate an elementary and a secondary teacher to the district level. One elementary and one secondary teacher are selected from each of the eight state Board of Education districts. A state selection committee selected 5 teachers from the 16 district teachers to be interviewed to determine the Alabama Teacher of the Year and Alternate.

McKinley will spend the 2006-2007 school year serving as an ambassador for public education and the teaching profession. She automatically becomes the state’s nominee for National Teacher of the Year.

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Hoover city schoolsThe Hoover City Schools motto, “Learning for Life,” is a succinct expression of the system’s overall goals for its students and the community as a whole. With support that includes top educators, government leaders, civic organizations and businesses, as well as parents and other involved citizens, Hoover’s 17 schools consistently uphold high standards in terms of technology, curriculum, and teacher training.

The growth and development opportunities provided to Hoover students are second to none, and Hoover’s schools, teachers, and students are regularly recognized for achievements in academics, athletics, character and community service. Working to maintain the collective standards of its individual schools is the Hoover Board of Education.

ChildrenThe Hoover school system began the 2004-05 school year with a new superintendent and a record budget. The third largest city school system in Alabama, Hoover has over 11,000 students, employs nearly 800 teachers, and is ranked among the best in the state.
In August 2004, Dr. Connie Williams was named superintendent of Hoover’s schools. Williams, the system’s deputy superintendent since February 2004, began serving as acting superintendent following the April 2004 retirement of Dr. Jack Farr. Dr. Williams brings to the top post many years of experience as an educator and administrator, and had already proven herself an asset to the system, as well as to the entire Hoover community.

Only days prior to Dr. Williams’ appointment, the Hoover Board of Education approved a record $136 million budget for the 2005 fiscal year, representing a 14 percent increase over the 2004 budget. Of that amount, $29 million is allotted to construction projects, including a new middle school at Spain Park and a proposed facility near Hoover High School that would initially house ninth graders and eventually become a middle school. The new budget also takes into account projected increases in student population and the subsequent addition of teachers. Riverchase Elementary School opened in August 2004 as the elementary school in the system.

For online news and information about Hoover City Schools, including links to individual schools, visit www.hoover.k12.al.us.

Mr. William G. Veitch, President
Mrs. Donna Frazier, Vice President
Mr. Tom Defnall
Mrs. Suzy Baker
Mr. A.W. Bolt
Mr. Andy Craig, Superintendent

2810 Metropolitan Way
Hoover, AL 35243
Telephone: (205) 439-1000
Fax: (205) 439-1001

1070 Buccaneer Drive
Hoover, Al, 35244
Telephone: (205) 439-1120
Fax: (205) 439-1121
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Hoover High School | Spain Park High School

Hoover High School
1000 Buccaneer Drive
Hoover, Al 35244
Telephone: (205) 439-1200
Fax: (205) 439-1201
Interim Principal: Don Hulin

Opened in 1994, Hoover High School is one of the largest secondary facilities in the State of Alabama. With a professional staff of nearly 200 (over half of whom hold master's degrees and higher) Hoover High is one of the highest-rated schools academically in the state. Advanced placement and honors courses are offered, as well as the International Baccalaureate Program. In 2001, 95% of Hoover High's graduates went on to college.
Home of the Buccaneers, Hoover High provides first-rate athletic opportunities led by some of the best coaches in the state. Recent state titles in football, basketball, swimming, track, golf, tennis, and softball are proof. The school also has top-quality baseball, soccer, volleyball and wrestling programs. Supported by an outstanding band, dance line, and cheerleaders, the athletic programs at Hoover High routinely produce athletes who are courted by some of the best colleges in the country.
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Spain Park High School
4700 Valleydale Road
Hoover, AL 35242
Telephone: (205) 439-1400
Fax: (205) 439-1401
Principal: Chris Shaw

Projected Enrollment for 2004-05: 1,445
Opened in Fall 2001, Spain Park High School is a state-of-the-art institution offering students the newest technology and the latest in general and advanced curriculum. Spain Park consists of two main buildings separated by a landscaped courtyard and connected by a climate controlled corridor. Within the buildings are a multi-media center, 81 classrooms, a 500-seat auditorium.
Spain Park Jaguar athletes enjoy top-grade facilities that are second-to-none, including two gymnasiums, two baseball fields, two softball fields, two football fields, six tennis courts, a separate soccer stadium, and an 8,000-seat football stadium. Additional amenities include complete track facilities, wrestling room, hydrotherapy room, weight room, laundry area, and an indoor batting cage.
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Berry Middle School | Bumpus Middle School | Simmons Middle School

Berry MiddleBerry Middle School
4500 Jaguar Drive
Hoover, AL 35242
Telephone: (205) 439-2015
Fax: (205) 439-2001
Principal: Dr. Kathy Wheaton

In the former Berry High School facility, Berry Middle School is earning a reputation for being one of the most literary schools around. During the 2001-02 school year, Berry students won statewide honors in a writing contest, staged a Poetry Cafe, and hosted the school's third annual author's conference.
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Bumpus Middle School
1730 Lake Cyrus Club Drive
Hoover, AL 35244
Telephone: (205) 439-2200
Fax: (205) 439-2201
Principal: Dr. Joy Brown

Tucked into a corner of the beautiful Lake Cyrus development, Robert F.Bumpus Middle School is the newest middle school in the Hoover School System. The school is named for a former Hoover City Schools superintendent who is widely recognized as one of the first educators in Alabama to endorse the middle school concept as a way of meeting the unique needs of young adolescents.
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Simmons Middle School
1575 Patton Chapel Road
Hoover, AL 35226
Telephone: (205) 439-2100
Fax: (205) 439-2101
Principal: Brian Cain

No doubt about it, the 2001-02 school year was a banner one for Simmons Middle School. That's because Simmons was selected by the Council for Leading in Alabama Schools (CLAS) as one of ten Banner Schools in the State of Alabama. The award recognizes outstanding schools that serve as models for school leaders throughout the state. In March 2002, Simmons hosted an open house for school leaders from across Alabama.

Bluff Park Elementary | Deer Valley Elementary | Green Valley Elementary
Greystone Elementary | Gwin Elementary | Rocky Ridge Elementary
Shades Mountain Elementary | South Shades Crest Elementary
Trace Crossings Elementary | Riverchase Elementary

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ElemantaryBluff Park Elementary
569 Park Avenue
Hoover, AL 35226
Telephone: (205) 439-2800
Fax: (205) 439-2001
Principal: Dr. David Fancher

550 Bluff Park Elementary's stated mission is "to provide an environment that produces competent and confident learners." By using a balanced curriculum, involving parents in the educational process, and employing a dedicated staff of teachers, Bluff Park is succeeding in that quest.
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Deer Valley Elementary
4990 Deer Valley Parkway
Hoover, AL 35226
Telephone: (205) 439-3300
Fax: (205) 439-3301
Principal: Dr. Wayne Richardson

Deer Valley Elementary first opened its doors to students in the fall of 2001. The new two-story, 117,149 square-foot structure contains 50 regular classrooms, 10 smaller instructional classrooms, two computer labs, two art rooms, two music rooms, a multi-media center, an audiovisual productions studio, administrative offices, a gymnasium, an extended care room and a cafeteria that accommodates approximately 300 students.
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Green Valley Elementary
3200 Old Columbiana Road
Hoover, AL 35226
Telephone: (205) 439-2500
Fax: (205) 439-2501
Principal: Jeff Singer

Promoting lifelong learning is the goal of the faculty, staff, and administrators at Green Valley Elementary where academics and character lessons are reinforced through hands-on activities and community service. The school's emphasis on character education is exemplified in its CNP manager, Pam Franklin, who was last year named the Chamber's Hoover City Schools Employee of the Year.
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Greystone Elementary
300 Village Street
Hoover, AL 35242
Telephone: (205) 439-3200
Fax: (205) 439-3201
Principal: Dr. Maurine Black

When Greystone Elementary first opened its doors in January 1995, the student body consisted of 150 students. By 2001, enrollment had grown to 576 and was expected to soon top 600. Anticipating more of the rapid growth that has occurred in the Greystone community in recent years, Greystone Elementary added a new wing at the rear of the school to accommodate its growing numbers. The new building was ready for the start of school in 2002.
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Gwin Elementary
1580 Patton Chapel Road
Hoover, AL 35226
Phone: (205) 439-2600
Fax: (205) 439-2601
Principal: Mrs. Linda Joseph

Since Harriette W. Gwin Elementary opened in the early 1970s, many changes have occurred. A 1982 addition doubled the size of the school facility and a 2000 construction project redesigned the front of the school and part of the interior. What has not changed is Gwin's commitment to providing students with an enthusiasm for learning and a desire to make a difference in their community.
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Riverchase Elementary
1950 Old Montgomery Highway
Hoover, AL 35244
Telephone: (205) 439-3400
Principal: Dianne Baggett

Riverchase is Hoover's Newest school, opening just in time for the 2004-2005 school year. Most of the students were previously enrolled at Trace Crossing Elementary School, and have relieved the overcrowding there by transferring to this new facility. It is located in the heart of the beautiful Riverchase community in Hoover. Old Montgomery Highway in past years was U.S. Highway 31.
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Rocky Ridge Elementary
2876 Old Rocky Ridge Road
Hoover, AL 35243
Telephone: (205) 439-2900 Fax: (205) 439-2901
Principal: Dr. Sonia Carrington

Rocky Ridge Elementary's stated mission is "to empower our students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens." One of the ways Rocky Ridge seeks to accomplish that mission is by going back to the basics. The school chose reading as its main focus for the recent school years, using the theme "Students Who Read Succeed" to emphasize the importance of reading to students and their parents.
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Shades Mountain Elementary
2250 Sumpter Street
Hoover, AL 35226
Telephone: (205) 439-3100
Principal: Mrs. Juli Feltham

One of the oldest and smallest schools in the Hoover City School System, Shades Mountain Elementary is located at the top of Shades Mountain. Known for strong rental involvement and its caring and creative faculty, Shades Mountain is consistently recognized as a "Golden Apple" school by the Alabama PTA. It was also recently named as an Alabama Reading Initiative demonstration site.
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South Shades Crest Elementary
3770 South Shades Crest Road
Hoover, AL 35244
Telephone: (205) 439-3000
Fax: (205) 439-3001
Principal: Bob Lawry

One of the newer elementary schools in the Hoover system, South Shades Crest opened in August 1995. With a student/staff ratio of about 18:1, South Shades Crest is known for providing a myriad of opportunities for students, as well as staff, to reach their fullest potential. With the latest technology and special programs for students needing additional help, teachers are able to provide all students with quality educational options.
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Trace Crossings Elementary
5454 Learning Lane
Hoover, AL 35244
Telephone: (205) 439-2700
Fax: (205) 439-2701
Principal: Robin Litaker

In terms of enrollment, Trace Crossings is the largest elementary school in the Hoover system. Since opening in 1994, the school has gained a reputation for its outstanding programs and staff. Two of its teachers, Kathy Chandler and Mistie McAdams, were named Presidential finalists for excellence in teaching math and science. Counselor, Nancy Fox, was named 2001 Elementary School Counselor of the Year by the Ala. School Counselors Association.
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Crossroads School
1085 Buccaneer Drive
Hoover, AL 35244
Telephone: (205) 439-1800
Fax: (205) 439-1801
Principal: Anna Whitney

Hoover's only alternative school, Crossroads offers students in grades 6 through 12 curriculum and services designed for students who don't fit the traditional school mold whether due to social or emotional issues. Students at Crossroads enjoy the benefits of a smaller school environment, including individualized instruction and a variety of hands-on activities such as art therapy, science projects, gardening, and community service projects.
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Hoover Community School
571 Park Avenue
Hoover, AL 35226
Telephone: (205) 439-2860
Fax: (205) 439-2861
Director: Mrs. Linda Williams

The Hoover Community School's main function is to provide afterschool and summer care for Hoover's elementary school children. In keeping with the system's slogan, "Learning for Life," The School provides adult education courses in cooking, sewing, upholstery, finances, computers, Spanish, English as a second language, and other subject.

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