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The Hoover Alabama Chamber of Commerce, its staff, members, officers and board members extend a warm welcome to you. We pride ourselves on being one of the South's fastest growing communities, offering new and progressive opportunities every day. Hoover spans almost 50 square miles of territory, involving much of Jefferson County and Shelby County. We promote a healthy business environment, and feature great restaurants, lodging facilities, sporting events, and vacation areas. Click here to read more.

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AAA Alabama

Category: Non-Profit
2400 Acton Road
Birmingham, AL 35243
Phone: 205-978-7000
Email: jennifer.caton@aaaalabama.com
Website: http://www.alabama.aaa.com
Contact: Jennifer Caton ↑ Return to Top


Category: Non-Profit
201 Monroe Street, Suite 1880
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: 334-954-3065
Email: lbillingly@aarp.org
Website: www.aarp.org
Contact: Jamie Harding ↑ Return to Top

Addiction Prevention Coalition

Category: Non-Profit
100 Union Hill Drive, Suite 150
Homewood, AL 35209
Phone: 205-874-8498
Emails: mike@apcbham.org, carie@apcbham.org
Website: www.apcbham.org
Contact: Mike Vest or Carie WImberly ↑ Return to Top

Alabama 4H Center

Category: Non-Profit
892 4H Road
Columbiana, AL 35051
Phone: 205-669-4241
Email: abramkr@aces.edu
Website: www.alabama4hcenter.org
Contact: Kristy Abrams ↑ Return to Top

Alabama Association of Non-Profits

Category: Non-Profit
P.O. Box 292305
Birmingham, AL 35229
Phone: 205-879-4712
Email: carla@alabamanonprofits.org
Website: http://www.alabamanonprofits.org
Contact: Carla Robertson ↑ Return to Top

Alabama Baptist Children's Homes

Category: Non-Profit
2681 Rocky Ridge Lane
Birmingham, AL 35216
Phone: 205-982-1112
Email: mdrashman@alabamachild.org
Website: www.alabamachild.org
Contact: Michelle Drashman ↑ Return to Top

Alabama Family Trust, Inc.

Category: Non-Profit
2820 Columbiana Road, Suite 103
Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
Phone: 205-313-3915
Email: lbyars@alabamafamilytrust.com
Website: www.alabamafamilytrust.com
Contact: Lesley Byars, CFO ↑ Return to Top

Alabama Rehab Centers

Category: Non-Profit
236 Goodwin Crest Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209
Phone: 205-414-8449
Email: shannon.robinson@rehab.alabama.gov
Website: http://rehab.alabama.gov/
Contact: Peggy Anderson ↑ Return to Top

Alabama Republican Executive Committee

Category: Non-Profit
3505 Lorna Road
Birmingham, AL 35216
Phone: 205-212-5900
Email: terry@algop.org
Website: www.algop.org
Contact: Terry Lathan ↑ Return to Top

Alabama Self-Insured Worker's Comp Fund

Category: Non-Profit
2204 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 206
Birmingham, AL 35209
Phone: 205-868-6900
Email: lorent@asiwcf.org
Website: www.asiwcf.org
Contact: Loren Traylor ↑ Return to Top

Alabama Soccer Association

Category: Non-Profit
4678 Valleydale Road, Suite 200
Birmingham, AL 35242
Phone: 205-991-9779
Email: tom@alsoccer.org
Website: www.alsoccer.org
Contact: Tom Condone ↑ Return to Top

Alabama STEM Education

Category: Non-Profit
1324 4th Avenue North
Bessemer, AL 35020
Phone: 205-436-2107
Email: alabamastemeducation@gmail.com
Website: www.alabamastemeducaton.org
Contact: Juanita M. Graham ↑ Return to Top

Alabama Veteran

Category: Non-Profit
Hoover, AL 35226
Phone: 205-847-0687
Email: weigle.shawn@pennmutual.com
Website: www.alveteran.org
Contact: Shawn Weigle or Jody Chapman ↑ Return to Top

Alabama Wildlife Center

Category: Non-Profit
100 Terrace Drive, Oak Mountain State Park
Pelham, AL 35124
Phone: 205-663-7930 x 5
Email: dadair@awrc.org
Website: www.awrc.org
Contact: Doug Adair ↑ Return to Top

American Red Cross Mid Alabama Region

Category: Non-Profit
700 Caldwell Trace
Birmingham, AL 35242
Phone: 205-439-7860
Email: mark.beddingfiled@redcross.org
Website: www.redcross.org
Contact: Mark Beddingfield, CEO ↑ Return to Top

American Village

Category: Non-Profit
3727 Highway 119
Montevallo, AL 35115
Phone: 205-665-3535
Email: mpoole@americanvillage.org
Website: http://www.americanvillage.org
Contact: Melanie Poole ↑ Return to Top

Ashley DeRamus Foundation

Category: Non-Profit
1035 Magnolia Road
Hoover, AL 35226
Phone: 205-572-5066
Email: adream.co@gmail.com
Website: www.ashleyderamusfoundation.com
Contact: Connie DeRamus ↑ Return to Top

aTeam Ministries

Category: Non-Profit
3 Office Park Circle, Suite 105
Birmingham, AL 35223
Phone: 205-401-8232
Email: jan@ateamministries.org
Website: www.ateamministries.org
Contact: Jan Thrower ↑ Return to Top

Bessemer Airport Authority

Category: Non-Profit
900 Mitchell Field Road
Bessemer, AL 35022
Phone: 205-424-7234
Emails: baa.board@bessemerairportauthority.com, nnjconsulting.travel@gmail.com
Website: http://bessemerairportauthority.com/
Contact: Nikki Jordan ↑ Return to Top

Better Business Bureau

Category: Non-Profit
1210 South 20th Street
Birmingham, AL 35205
Phone: 205-558-2212
Emails: pboomershine@birmingham-al.bbb.org, president@birmingham-al.bbb.org
Website: http://www.birmingham-al.bbb.org
Contact: David Smitherman ↑ Return to Top

Birmingham Islamic Society

Category: Non-Profit
2524 Hackberry Lane
Hoover, AL 35226
Phone: 205-879-4247
Email: ashfaq.taufique@bisweb.org
Website: www.bisweb.org
Contact: Ashfaq Taufique ↑ Return to Top

Birmingham Museum of Art

Category: Non-Profit
2000 Revernd Abraham Woods Jr., Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: 205-254-2086
Email: cgray@artsbma.org
Website: www.artsbma.org
Contact: Claire Gray ↑ Return to Top

Birmingham Zoo, Inc.

Category: Non-Profit
2630 Cahaba Road
Birmingham, AL 35223
Phone: 205-879-0409
Email: cmaxwell@birminghamzoo.com
Website: www.birminghamzoo.com
Contact: Clark Maxwell ↑ Return to Top

Bluff Park Art Association

Category: Non-Profit
P. O. Box 26012
Hoover, AL 35260
Phone: 205-822-0078
Email: renee.schneider3@gmail.com
Website: http://www.bluffparkartassociation.org
Contact: Renee Schneider ↑ Return to Top

Business Resource Group

Category: Non-Profit
4680 Highway 280 East
Birmingham, AL 35242
Contact: Beth Eaton ↑ Return to Top

Cahaba River Society

Category: Non-Profit
2717 7th Avenue South, Suite 205
Birmingham, AL 35233
Phone: 205-322-5326
Email: tricias@cahabariversociety.org
Website: www.cahabariversociety.org
Contact: Tricia Sheets ↑ Return to Top

Children's Harbor, Inc.

Category: Non-Profit
1 Our Children's Highway
Alexander City, AL 35010
Phone: 334-857-2133
Website: www.childrensharbor.com
Contact: Myrle Grate, CEO ↑ Return to Top

CrimeStoppers of Metro Alabama

Category: Non-Profit
2121 Rev. Abraham Woods, Jr. Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: 205-254-8598
Email: tmcclendon@csmetroal.com
Website: http://www.csmetroal.com
Contact: Teresa McClendon ↑ Return to Top

Down Syndrome Alabama

Category: Non-Profit
1929 Canyon Road
Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
Phone: 205-988-0810
Email: downsyndromealabama@gmail.com
Website: www.downsyndromealabama.org
Contact: Susan M. Tolle, Executive Director ↑ Return to Top

Easter Seals of the Birmingham Area

Category: Non-Profit
2717 3rd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
Phone: 205-942-6277
Email: kgrubbs@eastersealsbham.org
Website: www.eastersealsbham.org
Contact: Karon Grubbs ↑ Return to Top

FOCUS on Recovery, Inc.

Category: Non-Profit
2209 B Little Valley Road
Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: 205-822-7300
Email: info@focus-on-recovery.org
Website: http://www.focus-on-recovery.org
Contact: Jackie Batson ↑ Return to Top

Foundry Rescue Mission

Category: Non-Profit
P. O. Box 824
Bessemer, AL 35021-0824
Phone: 205-432-1089
Email: jroland@foundryministries.com
Website: http://www.thefoundry.org
Contact: John Roland ↑ Return to Top

Grace Klein Community

Category: Non-Profit
2652 Old Rocky Ridge Road
Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: 205-390-2211
Email: rachel@gracekleincommunity.com
Website: www.gracekleincommunity.com
Contact: Rachel Connon ↑ Return to Top

Heritage Christian Academy

Category: Non-Profit
2290 Old Tyler Road
Hoover, AL 35226
Phone: 205-978-6001
Email: christy.etheridge@smcs.org
Website: www.hcachristian.org
Contact: Christy Ethridge ↑ Return to Top

Hoover Arts Alliance

Category: Non-Profit
P. O. Box 26187
Hoover, AL 35260
Phone: 205-822-8971
Email: info@hooverartsalliance.org
Website: http://www.hooverartsalliance.org
Contact: Linda Chastain, Treasurer ↑ Return to Top

Hoover City Schools Foundation

Category: Non-Profit
2810 Metropolitan Way
Hoover, AL 35242
Phone: 251-591-6806
Email: jturner@hoovercsf.org
Website: www.hoovercsf.org
Contact: Janet Turner ↑ Return to Top

Hoover Fire Fighters Association

Category: Non-Profit
P. O. Box 360985
Hoover, AL 35236
Phone: 205-503-1228
Email: hoover4035@gmail.com
Contact: Jeff Harris, President ↑ Return to Top

Hoover Helps

Category: Non-Profit
1658 Lake Cyrus Club Drive
Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: 205-516-4616
Email: hooverhelps@gmail.com
Website: www.hooverhelps.org
Contact: Greg Bishop ↑ Return to Top

Hoover Historical Society

Category: Non-Profit
P. O. Box 360233
Hoover , AL 35236
Phone: 205-822-9392
Email: dadsinger@gmail.com
Website: www.hooverhistoricalsociety.org
Contact: Arnold Singer ↑ Return to Top

Hoover Lions Club

Category: Non-Profit
1177 Eagle Park Road
Birmingham, AL 35242
Phone: 205-276-2380
Email: markmmxx@gmail.com
Contact: Mark C. Aldridge ↑ Return to Top

Hoover Masonic Lodge #644

Category: Non-Profit
3445 Sierra Drive
Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: 205-989-7245
Email: bkachelhofer@bellsouth.net
Website: http://www.hooverlodge644.com
Contact: Robert Kachelhofer ↑ Return to Top

Hoover Metro Kiwanis Club

Category: Non-Profit
P. O. Box 36034
Hoover, AL 35236-6034
Phone: 205-529-5668
Email: daleboehm54@gmail.com
Website: www.hooverkiwanis.com
Contact: Dale Boehm, President ↑ Return to Top

Hoover New Horizons

Category: Non-Profit
400 Municipal Drive
Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: 205-383-8050
Email: rdugas001@icloud.com
Contact: Ray Dugas, President ↑ Return to Top

Hoover Rotary Club

Category: Non-Profit
P.O. Box 660505
Birmingham, AL 35266
Email: rnelson@nelsonandco.com
Website: www.hooverrotary.org
Contact: George Elliott ↑ Return to Top

Hoover Service Club

Category: Non-Profit
P.O. Box 360771
Hoover, AL 35236
Phone: 205-563-4696
Email: pwcampbell70@gmail.com
Website: www.hooverserviceclub.com
Contact: Paula Campbell ↑ Return to Top

Huntingdon College ADCP Adult Degree Completion Program

Category: Non-Profit
4600 Valleydale Road, GSB 214 C
Birmingham, AL 35242
Phone: 205-983-5983
Website: www.huntingdon.edu
Contact: Lakeshia Ball ↑ Return to Top

Jefferson County Economic & Industrial Development Authority

Category: Non-Profit
2 Metroplex Drive, Suite 240
Birmingham, AL 35209
Phone: 205-943-4792
Email: ddeloach@jeffmet.com
Website: www.jeffmet.com
Contact: Theodore VonCannon ↑ Return to Top

Jimmie Hale Mission

Category: Non-Profit
P.O. Box 10472
Birmingham, AL 35202
Phone: 205-323-5878
Email: tony@jimmiehalemission.com
Website: http://www.jimmiehalemission.com
Contact: Tony Cooper ↑ Return to Top

Junior Achievement of Alabama

Category: Non-Profit
216 Aquarius Drive, Suite 315
Birmingham, AL 35209
Phone: 205-290-9365
Email: latoya.garrett@ja.org
Website: www.juniorachievement.org/web/ja-birmingham
Contact: Latoya Garrett, Program Director ↑ Return to Top

Junior League of Birmingham

Category: Non-Profit
2212 20th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35223
Phone: 205-879-9861
Email: aliceojackson@gmail.com
Website: www.jlbonline.com
Contact: Alice Jackson ↑ Return to Top

Kid One Transport System, Inc.

Category: Non-Profit
P. O. Box 11864
Birmingham, AL 35202
Phone: 205-978-1000
Email: mholdbrooks@kidone.org
Website: http://www.kidone.org
Contact: Matt Holdbrooks ↑ Return to Top

Kirkwood by the River

Category: Non-Profit
3605 Ratliff Road
Birmingham, AL 35210
Phone: 205-956-2184
Email: ssexton@kirkwoodbytheriver.com
Website: www.kirkwoodbytheriver.com
Contact: Sarah Sexton ↑ Return to Top

Lifeline Children's Services

Category: Non-Profit
2104 Rocky Ridge Road
Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: 205-967-0811
Email: lifeline@lifelinechild.org
Website: www.lifelinechild.org
Contact: Kristin Maynard ↑ Return to Top

Lifesouth Community Blood Centers

Category: Non-Profit
396 West Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, AL 35209
Phone: 205-943-6000
Email: lratliff@lifesouth.org
Website: http://www.lifesouth.org
Contact: Leah Ratliff ↑ Return to Top

Lift Fund

Category: Non-Profit
401 19th Street North
Bessemer, AL 35020
Phone: 205-593-8421
Email: pfrazier@liftfund.com
Website: www.liftfund.com
Contact: Paije Frazier ↑ Return to Top

McWane Science Center

Category: Non-Profit
200 19th Street North
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: 205-714-8220
Email: cshannon@mcwane.org
Website: www.mcwane.org
Contact: Clay Shannon ↑ Return to Top

Moss Rock Festival

Category: Non-Profit
1128 Glen View Road
Birmingham, AL 35222
Phone: 205-595-6306
Email: ekart@findartbirmingham.com
Website: www.mossrockfestival.com
Contact: Eileen Kunzman ↑ Return to Top

National Association of School Resource Officers

Category: Non-Profit
2020 Valleydale Road, Suite 207A
Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: 205-739-6060
Email: mo.canady@nasro.org
Website: www.nasro.org
Contact: James "Mo" Canady ↑ Return to Top

Passport, Inc.

Category: Non-Profit
3421 Sierra Drive
Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: 205-822-1990
Email: scott@passportcamps.org
Website: http://www.passportcamps.org
Contact: Scott Ford ↑ Return to Top

Ryan Winslow Post 911- American Legion

Category: Non-Profit
1561 Montgomery Highway
Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: 205-529-7464
Email: bradstrr@att.net
Contact: Ron Bradstreet ↑ Return to Top


Category: Non-Profit
P. O. Box 275
Pelham, AL 35124
Phone: 205-669-1877
Email: dottib@safehouse.org
Website: http://www.safehouse.org/
Contact: Dotti Bailey ↑ Return to Top

Samaritan Counseling Centers

Category: Non-Profit
100 Missionary Ridge
Birmingham, AL 35242
Phone: 205-967-3660
Email: jmlong3@samaritancc.org
Website: www.samaritanbirmingham.com
Contact: James M. (Jim) Long, III, Executive Director ↑ Return to Top

SDES Camp Seale Harris/Camp Sugar Falls

Category: Non-Profit
500 Chase Park, Suite 104
Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: 205-402-0415
Email: rhonda@southeasterndiabetes.org
Website: www.campsealeharris.org
Contact: Rhonda McDavid, Executive Director ↑ Return to Top

Still Serving Veterans

Category: Non-Profit
135 Gemini Circle, Suite 204
Homewood, AL 35209
Phone: 205-670-1955
Email: awood@ssv.org
Website: www.stillservingveterans.org
Contact: Al Wood ↑ Return to Top

The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs

Category: Non-Profit
1700 29th Court South
Birmingham, AL 35209
Phone: 205-879-3417
Email: kpeoples@thebellcenter.org
Website: www.thebellcenter.org
Contact: Kelly Peoples ↑ Return to Top

The Clay House

Category: Non-Profit
P.O. Box 306
Bessemer, AL 35021
Phone: 205-481-4155
Email: lmenefee@clayhousecac.org
Website: www.clay-house.org
Contact: LaShon Menefee, Executive Director ↑ Return to Top

The Exceptional Foundation

Category: Non-Profit
1616 Oxmoor Road
Homewood, AL 35209
Phone: 205-870-0776
Email: triciakirk@exceptionalfoundation.org
Website: http://exceptionalfoundation.org
Contact: Tricia Kirk ↑ Return to Top

The Learning Tree, Inc.

Category: Non-Profit
Hoover, AL 35226
Phone: 251-533-6044
Email: ssears@learning-tree.org
Website: www.learning-tree.org
Contact: Sheila Sears ↑ Return to Top

The Patriot Shootout-AL

Category: Non-Profit
5060 Meadowbrook Road
Birmingham, AL 35242
Phone: 205-790-1172
Email: rredford@patriotshootoutal.com
Website: www.patriotshootoutal.com
Contact: Russell Redford, Jr, Tournament Director ↑ Return to Top

The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham

Category: Non-Profit
Two North 20th Street, Suite 1200
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: 205-264-8401
Email: cball@rpcgb.org
Website: http://www.rpcgb.org
Contact: Charles Ball, Executive Director ↑ Return to Top

United Ability

Category: Non-Profit
100 Oslo Circle
Birmingham, AL 35211
Phone: 205-944-3900
Email: aberman@unitedability.org
Website: www.unitedability.org
Contact: Alison Berman ↑ Return to Top

United Way of Central Alabama

Category: Non-Profit
3600 8th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35222
Phone: 205-458-2010
Email: egrady@uwca.org
Website: http://www.uwca.org
Contact: Ellyn Grady ↑ Return to Top

Unless U

Category: Non-Profit
2017 Columbiana Road
Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
Phone: 205-215-5209
Email: director@unlessu.org
Website: www.unlessu.org
Contact: Lindy Cleveland ↑ Return to Top


Category: Non-Profit
1678 Montgomery Highway, Suite 104
Hoover, AL 35244
Email: dtysinger@vettes4vets.org
Website: www.vettes4vets.org
Contact: Darlene Tysinger ↑ Return to Top

Vulcan Park Foundation

Category: Non-Profit
1701 Valley View Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209
Phone: 205-933-1409 x 21
Emails: info@visitvulcan.com, mberney@visitvulcan.com
Website: http://www.visitvulcan.com
Contact: Joe Saling ↑ Return to Top

WAY-FM 89.9

Category: Non-Profit
447 Scenic View Lane
Birmingham, AL 35244
Phone: 256-837-9293
Email: dwallace@wayfm.com
Website: www.wayfm.com
Contact: Denise Wallace ↑ Return to Top

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